Increase visibility, monitor competitor moves, beat them at search.

Serpr is the only marketing platform that provides actionable Total Search insight.

Serpr is the only marketing platform tackling Total Search.

Just like your customers, Serpr looks at page one search results as a full picture. We measure and analyse every pixel in real-time for the keywords most relevant to your business and industry.
Our intelligence discovers patterns, opportunities, and delivers actionable insights (without complicated data analysis) that can be applied immediately to help grow your page one presence. Join the Total Search revolution now or risk being left behind.
Outsmart competitors.
Learn how your competitors are ranking their content on page one. Product and service comparisons guide you on how to beat them at search:
  • Continuous monitoring of commercial and SERP competitors.
  • Get a clear idea of who is paying for their real estate and how far your competitors are willing to push their budgets.
  • Clear findings on which domains are outperforming you and why.
Grow your visibility.
Make the right strategic decisions to increase your share-of-voice across page one:
  • Track over 30 SERP features from organic and paid to rich snippets like Places, People Also Ask and Shopping.
  • See what your customer sees by drilling down into specific locations and languages for more precise market knowledge.
  • Drive faster performance by cutting out the costly research and analysis phase of SEM projects.
"As a Director at a search marketing agency, I’m impressed by the power of Serpr and the edge it has given us for our clients . The top-level data and granular gap analysis helps us evaluate key competitors and quickly identify areas for growth. This allows Found to deliver better performance across our many search marketing campaigns.”

Tom Brand


Discover high-impact content opportunities.
Prioritise your content development by seeing how competitors are using content to drive more traffic to their sites over time:
  • Find the easiest wins to capture the prized Featured Snippet.
  • Boost your Total Search click-through-rate by appearing across multiple search result types.
  • Evaluate competitor landing pages to identify dos and don’ts.
  • Uncover nsights to help inform your own data-driven content strategy.
Ready to get one step ahead of your competition?
Lead across the search landscape.
Google is always testing new types of search results. Adapt more quickly to the changing SERPs with tracking and analysis that is always up to date:
  • Serpr feeds insight constantly to power an always-on view of where your opportunity lies.
  • See how competitors are taking advantage of less obvious SERP features.
  • Use this to help you capture new and fluctuating page one elements.
“Serpr is immense. We have a tight group of keywords that power our search marketing activity. Serpr provides the insight we need to ensure we’re always keeping one step ahead of the competition.”

Joe McLewin

Merchant Cantos

Challenge the search marketing norm.
Use Serp’s bespoke features, forward-thinking data science and machine learning to keep your business ahead of the curve:
  • Page one comparison tool to understand the strength of your SERP versus that of competitors.
  • A new SERP Real Estate scoring system that evaluates your visibility across all channels, organic and paid.
  • Dismissal of channel silos to offer a 360 view of the SERPs.
  • Removing a brand’s need to analyse an endless amount of raw data without the time or expertise.
There’s no better feeling than seeing your site on page one.
Serpr is a global search intelligence platform that measures and analyses every pixel of page one to provide brands with actionable insights that help them achieve their search marketing goals.
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Bespoke solutions & consultancy support.

We know one-size does not fit all.
Serpr offers bespoke solutions and custom dashboards to help brands on their journey to dominate page one of the SERPs. Because our tracking is always-on we have instant access to any new search features, rich snippets and data. We work with clients across multiple sectors to deliver solutions that help their business goals and marketing activity. You can also get in touch to hear about our product roadmap.
Let us be your experts
With our roots grounded in digital marketing and data science, our team offers personalised support to clients on their Serpr journey. We are on-hand to create custom reports to highlight the KPIs that matter for your brand. Our customer success team can work with you to deliver branded presentations and even support you at internal board meetings.

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